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“To The Point” Series

The programs in this series deliver a detailed overview of the most common safety topics. Each program last about 12 minutes and is available in DVD, streaming, digital and SCORM formats. This series covers core topics and will give you almost a full year of training.

Topics in this series include:

(Click on each title for full description)


Available Formats:

This series is available in traditional DVD format and is priced at $249 each. DVDs are still used by many organizations because they are portable and affordable.

Digital files allow you to host the content on your company intranet, or trainer laptop. This option gives you flexibility in how you conduct your training. Digital files available in MPEG-4, Flash or Windows Media (WMV) and are loaded onto a USB for your convenience. You can purchase a single-site license or corporate license. Click here for details.

Whether you’re looking for online access to a library of videos for your classroom-style training sessions, or an easy-to-use training system for individual interactive training, Streaming Safety offers both at an extremely affordable price. Pick the type of account you need (Basic for classroom-style or Interactive for testing and tracking), select the videos you want to use, and we’ll have you set up and ready to train quickly! Click here for details.

If you already have your own training platform or Learning Management System (LMS), you can purchase any of these titles in SCORM format. Having a great online training system is one thing, but finding great content can be a challenge. This series covers many of the top safety concerns for today’s workforce.

Titles in this series deliver concise information in 13 minutes or less.

Which format is right for you?

How you train depends on several things: do you have a trainer that travels to different locations? Do you have an LMS? Do you need to deliver training on demand instead of in a classroom setting?

Sometimes it takes a conversation to determine the best method of delivering training to your organization. Let us help you pick the right training - give us a call at 800-267-7482 or fill out this form for more information.


How to Order

DVD Options:

Option 1 - Individually priced at $249

Option 2 - Pick 3 for $747

Option 3 - Pick 5 for $1245

BEST OPTION - Purchase the Series
(12 months of training) for $2988

Click here to order or call us toll free at 800-267-7482.


Digital, Streaming or SCORM Options

Contact us to determine best options and pricing for digital, streaming and SCORM options.