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Digital Media from ERI Safety Videos

ERI’S DVD training videos are now available in digital format. We recognize that the DVD format does not meet everyone’s needs, but ERI’s digital media is an affordable way for you to place their great content on your servers, hard drives, and/or networks.

Digital Licenses may be purchased for single locations or for corporate-wide access. A Digital License (including digital file) for one facility/location costs the same as purchasing a DVD. Or, if you’re purchasing a DVD, you can add a Digital License to your purchase for an additional $100! Corporate-wide licensing is also available at affordable prices.

Are There Different Types Of Digital Licenses?

Yes! Digital Licenses are available as Single-Site Licenses and Corporate Licenses:

Single-Site License

  • A Single-Site License pertains only to the facility named on the license. For example, if your company has five facilities but only one facility needs to use the training program, you should purchase a Single-Site License for that one facility.
  • Use of the program is restricted to employees of and contractors located at the licensed facility.
  • Both the Digital License Agreement AND the Digital File itself will list the facility or facilities to which the license is granted.

Corporate License

  • A Corporate License allows a company to use the Digital File at ALL of its facilities worldwide.
  • Both the Digital License Agreement AND the Digital File itself will indicate the content is licensed to be used by the company globally.